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In-person Library services have been altered to limit COVID-19 spread. Read our Opening Guide for more information.

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Find a Book at University Library

Questions: or call 317-274-0469.

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  1. Do you know which book you want?
    1. Yes – Locate the book in IUCAT: (Hint: Go to the advanced search screen and do a search for the ‘Title’ and ‘Author’) [Example: Title: 1984, Author: Orwell, George]
    2. No. – Search IUCAT for a keyword related to your topic (Hint: Try doing a Subject search by changing the dropdown menu from ‘All Fields’ to ‘Subject’). [Example: Subject: Dystopias]
  2. Is it available at IUPUI University Library? (Hint: Click on the title to view the item’s record, look at the holdings information).
    1. Yes. – Take it to the Service & Information Desk and bring your Crimson Card!
    2. No. – See next question.
      1. Stuck? Ask a librarian for maps of the library and how to use the Library of Congress call numbers to locate your book.
  3. Is the book available at another IU library?
    1. Yes. – Use the ‘Request This’ link on the IUCAT record. [Red ‘Request This’ button icon]. Then, Use your IU Login and choose your pickup library! [Request Delivery screen showing ‘Indpls – IUPUI University Library’ as pickup location]
    2. No. – Try WorldCat ( and borrow the book using Interlibrary Loan (ILL). [Red ‘Request Item through Interlibrary Loan’ button]