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Long Descriptions of images in Guides

Getting Stuff

(The time it takes to get stuff (articles & books) if University Library has or doesn't have it...)


  • On the Shelf: Books - Check IUCAT to see if the item is at IUPUI and not checked out, if so, you can check it out immediately.
  • Find It: Articles in Databases - In library databases, look for the red "Find It" button which will link you to the full-text of an article if IUPUI has access to it.


  • InterLibrary Loan: Articles - If "Find It" can't locate the full-text of an article, request it via InterLibrary Loan. Articles usually arrive in a couple of days.
  • Request This: Books - If you search IUCAT for a book and it isn't at IUPUI but is in the IU system, click "Request This" in IUCAT. The book will arrive in 4-7 working days.


  • InterLibrary Loan: Books - If IUCAT doesn't have the book you want, you can use ILLiad (InterLibrary Loan) to request the item. Requests can take 10 days or longer.
  • Recall: Books - The person with the book has 10 days to return it before you can check it out. So the entire process can take close to two weeks.