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Scholarly Publishing Guide

Intended to assist scholars early in their publishing career.

After publication checklist

  • Be consistent within your own document (e.g. date format, reverse or chronological order)
  • Update each time something “CV worthy” occurs
  • Choose what you can keep up to date:
  1. ORCiD (recommended)
  2. Google Scholar (automatic)
  3. LinkedIn (used outside of academia)
  • How to hold yourself accountable:
    1. Present at a conference or get an article published.
    2. Upload PDF of slides/poster or post-print to IUPUI ScholarWorks.
      • Presenting? Upload before so you can share link for attendees 
      • Publishing? Upload ASAP so your work can start reaching viewers
    3. Add work to your ORCiD profile, with the link to the item in IUPUI ScholarWorks.
    4. Update your CV document based on your ORCiD profile when you can.

Deposit your post-print into IUPUI ScholarWorks

article versions: preprint, postprint, published

"File:Preprint postprint published.svg" by Thomas Shafee is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Preprints, postprints, and (when rights permit) published versions can be shared by IUPUI authors in IUPUI ScholarWorks.

Interact with others on Twitter

Do you have a Twitter account you use for professional reasons? 

  • Let the department know and they can tag you when promoting your paper.
  • Get familiar with hashtags in your field and add them to your tweets. Using CamelCase for hashtags allows screen reader software for the visibly impaired to read them more accurately. Make sure to search a hashtag (especially acronyms) before using them to confirm it’s not being used for something else unrelated.
  • Very broad examples
  • Discipline specific examples
  • When promoting your paper, don't forget to include in your tweet:
  1. A link to your paper/scholarly product. Preferably a DOI or an IUPUI ScholarWorks handle (persistent links)
  2. A tag of your coauthors who wish to use Twitter in this way
  3. A tag of your department (if applicable) or IUSM (@IUMedSchool)
  4. A tag of the publishing journal Relevant hashtags
Example of tweet promoting your research work
Example of Twitter message to promote research