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Scholarly Publishing Guide

Intended to assist scholars early in their publishing career.

Getting Started with Presentations

Before you design your presentation, you will need to submit it for acceptance by writing an Abstract and a Title.


Some projects are better presented more visually in a poster format, while others work better as an oral presentation. Beginning speakers may be more comfortable with a poster presentation where you generally talk to one person at a time, versus an oral presentation where you will face a room full of people.

Designing Your Presentation

Designing Your Poster

Printing & Design Services

Posters can be printed on paper and rolled to place in a tube for shipment or carry on a flight, or they can be printed on fabric which can be folded for easy travel and requires simple ironing to make presentable. Allow at least 5 days to a week for the printing of your poster. Check with the company/service that will print your poster for any specifics that they will require such as size of poster, desired file type (PowerPoint, etc.), type of poster material (paper or fabric), and preferred file type for images (jpeg, etc.).