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H250: Health & Rehabilitation Systems Across the World


Wikipedia is a great place to start your research if you don't know much about your country, but it should not be the last stop in your research journey.

Scroll down to the References and External Links at the bottom of the Wikipedia entry. They should include sources like books, online articles, and the country's official government website -- which will have links to its departments or ministries of education, health, statistics, etc.  Many foreign country's websites have English versions; look for the word "English" or for an American or British flag icon, usually at the top of the homepage.

If the Wikipedia entry does not include References and the External LInks are dead, assume the information on the page is unreliable and/or out-of-date and move on to a better source.

Do not include Wikipedia in your list of references or works cited. But DO use it for excellent background information on your country. 

Start here with Wikipedia