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H250: Health & Rehabilitation Systems Across the World

Global Health Information Sources Overview

Credibility of Types of Information Sources

A very short overview of peer-review

What is Grey Literature?

Grey literature is information sources that are NOT published in traditional formats, such as scholarly journals, newspapers or magazines.

Examples relevant to health research include government reports, NGO reports, white papers, dissertations, and conference proceedings.



Pros and Cons of Grey Literature


  • Often has most up-to-date data
  • Crucial for global health research because many countries may release reports on health status in their country, but not many scholarly articles.
  • Can take a more general, informative approach to a topic compared to scholarly articles, which tend to be very specific. 


  • Difficult to find because it's not in scholarly journals.
  • Varies in quality. There is no peer review for grey literature so each resource should be carefully evaluated for authority and credibility.