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Research Metrics & Scholarly Impact

This guide was created to help faculty determine the impact that their research, etc. has had.

What are Author Metrics?

Author metrics are ways in which one can determine that influence and productivity of an author or researcher.  An author's impact is determined by many factors, including how often they are cited and in what types of journals they are cited.  There are also non-traditional factors, including links to author's works on websites, types of press choosing to publish an author's work, and what respositories contain copies of an author's work.

Cited Reference Search

To determine how many times an author has been cited in other published works, try either Web of ScienceScopus, or Google Scholar

Determining an Author's Impact

Hirsch or h-Index


The Hirsch index or h-Index measures the productivity and impact of a scholar’s published work, using the author’s most cited articles and the number of citations they have received in other publications. It is one way that people can quantify their impact on a field of study. 


sample h-index

example of an author's h-index

Determining H-Index

Limitations of H-Index

Your Author Profile

Take charge of your author metrics!  This will allow you to keep track of your cited references and other metrics like your h-index.