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Literature Review - A Self-Guided Tutorial

A self-guided tutorial that walks you through the process of conducting a Literature Review.

Citation Chaining

Citation chaining is the process by which you use one good information source, such as an article relevant to your topic, and mine its list of References for additional useful resources. This is called backward chaining. You can locate those cited articles by inputting the citation information into the OpenILL search box. If the system doesn't recognize the article title, do an advanced search with Citation Linker (see box at left) or often you can do this directly within an article database or via Google Scholar.

You can also do forward chaining; this identifies those who have cited the article. This is simple to do in Google Scholar. You can also personalize Google Scholar to link to articles to which the library has access.


In Google Scholar I Want to Add IUPUI Libraries to My "Library Links"

When you search Google Scholar on your personal computer, you can configure your settings so that IUPUI Library resource links appear in your results. Then you can click the Find It @ IUPUI Link to access a library item.

(TIP: If you're at a temporary computer and don't want to activate these settings, you can access Google Scholar via our Databases page (Library Home Page > Databases > G > Google Scholar). You'll be prompted to login with your IU Login, and then you'll see the Find It @ IUPUI links as well.)

Screenshot of Google Scholar citation and its "Find It @ IUPUI" Link


To configure your Google Scholar Library Links, click on Settings. in the upper right of the search page.

Screenshot of Google Scholar "Settings" option


Then select Library Links and search for "Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis." Check the box in the search select and click "Save."

Screenshot of Google Scholar "Library links" option