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The IUPUI University Library building will be closed until further notice. Library services will continue virtually.

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E-Books: Finding and Using Electronic Books

How to search

To search for an e-book, follow one of the links below. The cursor will be in the search box.  You can enter the search words in the search box to find the desired e-book.

Search for E-Books in the Library Catalog

IUCAT does not contain any content such as e-books.  It contains links to e-books and other resources in addition to call numbers for print books. Because it contains links for everything IUPUI owns, it is useful to search when you don't know what e-book collection (EBSCOhost, ProQuest. etc.) contains the desired e-book(s).

E-Book Collections - General

The two resources above all contain full-text e-books.  If you open the e-book in the resource, you can read the e-book online and/or download it.

More specialized e-book collections

The e-book collections listed above are more specialized.  Not all of them can be downloaded, but instead need to be read online.