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Zotero - Citation Management Software

Zotero is a Firefox addon that collects, manages, and cites research sources. It's free and easy to use.

Zotero for Firefox vs. Zotero Standalone

Zotero is available as a Firefox extension and as a desktop program. If Firefox is your preferred browser, then you may enjoy the simplicity of using Zotero as an extension. However, if you use Chrome or Safari, then you can download the desktop version along with the connector for either browser (more on this later).

The two versions of Zotero are essentially the same, but there are some slight differences. For a detailed description of the differences, see the Zotero Installation Instructions.

Install Zotero for Firefox

1. Go to the Zotero download page

2. Select Zotero for Firefox:

Click the Zotero for Firefox button

3. Allow Firefox to install:

Click allow in the popup.

4. Install the Zotero extension and restart Fireforx:

Click install now in the popup.

5. Click on the Zotero icon in Firefox to launch the tool:

Click on the Zotero icon to launch the tool.

Zotero appears at the bottom of your browser window.

6. Register for a Zotero account

Install Zotero Standalone

1. Go to the Zotero download page

2. Select Zotero Standalone and the connector for your preferred browser:

Click on the Zotero Standalone and the connector for your preferred browser.

3. Zotero Standalone will install the same as any desktop program. Follow the default installation:

Installing Zotero

4. The web browser connector will install as a plugin to your browser:

Install web browser connector as a plugin

5. Register for a Zotero account

Sync Zotero (Important!)

Syncing allows you to access your Zotero library from any computer.

1. Click on Preferences under the Action icon:

Click on Zotero Actions then Preferences.

2. Click Sync and enter your Zotero username, password, and click OK:

Click Sync

3. Initiate the sync by clicking on the Sync with Zotero Server icon:

Click the sync icon