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Katharine Macy
I'm here to help you succeed in your classes! I'm available through email, phone, and Zoom appointments. Click "Schedule Appointment" to get personalized help for your research. If those times don't work for you, email me and we'll find a time that works.

Office: UL3115N
Subjects: Business, Economics


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Nikki Johnson
University Library

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Welcome to the Business Guide!

This is the starting point for help with business research. The menu to the left will help you find resources to meet your research needs.

All of the databases in these guides are available off campus, except Datastream, SDC Platinum and Bloomberg Professional Service, which have dedicated terminals in the Reference Room of the University Library.

Please contact one of the business librarians if you would like more assistance formulating search strategies or accessing resources.

I need to learn about a...

I need to learn about a companyI need to learn about an industryI need to learn about a consumer

I need to do research in...

AccountingBusiness LawFinance

ManagementMarketingSupply Chain Management

I need to find a guide for...

I need a guide for I-COREI need a guide for BloombergI need to research global markets and international business

EntrepreneurshipBusiness of MedicineReal Estate


Case Studies


Business Course Guides