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Annotated Bibliographies (IUSD)

Welcome to the IUSD Annotated Bibliography Guide

Annotated bibliographies can either lead into a larger, more formal research project like a paper or poster or stand alone as a research assignment/experience.  They supplement the usual search process by giving a framework for explaining why certain resources are most appropriate to answer a question, thesis or problem.  They allow the researcher to organize their thoughts, evaluated the sources critically based on their inherent merits as well as the usefulness of the source in the context of the research project.  This page gives a general overview of annotated bibliographies as well as some sources for additional help.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between evaluating an articles's overall content and quality vs. it's quality as an evidence base dentistry resource.  You may need to do both.

Be sure to consult the EBD Research Guide for additional information.

Several IUSD courses include an annotated bibliography as a course assignment.  Make sure you consult your assignment and the specific course tabs within this guide as, while all annotated bibliographies have some things in common, the expectations differ significantly among classes.

Annotated Bibliographies 101

Annotated Bibliographies Infographic