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Self Publishing Options at IUPUI

About Pressbooks

Pressbooks is a cloud-based text creation and publishing tool being piloted by Indiana University through the Unizin consortium. Pressbooks enables authors to create and publish text in multiple formats suited for eReader devices, such as a PDF file (for print or online), a website, or an ePUB file. Faculty can use Pressbooks to:

  • Publish eTexts for IU classes (a limited pilot in collaboration with IU Press)
  • Create open educational resources (OER)
  • Format instructor-created content for online distribution to students

Pressbooks gives you the ability to work with collaborators such as editors, co-authors, and publishers. To learn more about collaborator roles, see the Pressbooks Userguide.

Get help

To learn more about using Pressbooks in your course, send email to the Unizin team.

For more about Pressbooks, see:

If you have trouble accessing your Pressbooks eText via Canvas, contact your campus Support Center.

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