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3D Printing & Learning

Learn more about 3D printing in the medical library!


This 3D Printing resource guide is intended to supplement the 3D printing service offered through The Nexus, the collaborative learning lab at the Ruth Lilly Medical Library. Here you will find our policies and procedures, our print request form, 3D modeling resources, and further information about 3D printing in medicine.

COVID-19 Fall 2020 Procedures:

  • SketchFab available for 3D models unique to the needs of IUSM’s students, faculty, and staff. Email for more information.

  • 3D print request form available for 3D prints

  • Sanitizing, disinfection: Due to the nature of FDM printing, we cannot guarantee that prints will be completely disinfected/sanitized. We recommend that patrons wash their hands after handling the prints, and keep prints away from the face.

If you have any questions, or are interested in learning more, please email the library's Tech Team at

What's been printing?

Multi-colored Heart - red and white PLA

Brain - clear resin

Skull - pearl white PLA

Jaw - white resin

Thoracic Spine

Skull of Phineas Gage


Scaffold designs