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Student Employment in Academic Libraries Symposium


The Student Employment in Academic Libraries Virtual Symposium seeks to showcase educationally purposeful student employment. We're providing a space for colleagues who care deeply for the growth and success of students to share ideas about student employment, and connect with and learn from other practitioners. Our focus is on approaches to student employment that are compassionate, strive to be inclusive and equitable, and center learners and learning.

We are seeking contributions that involve student employees as more than just subjects of discussion, that are willing to examine failures and difficulties as well as successes, and that recognize supervisors of student employees as learners too, growing with and alongside students.

News and Updates


We're currently working to edit and process the recordings from all of the SEAL presentations, along with slides, so that we can make them available for view in the IUPUI institutional repository ScholarWorks.

As soon as that work is completed we'll make sure to link to the recordings here. Check back soon for updates!

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend our first ever SEAL symposium. We greatly appreciate all of the kind messages we've received about your experience, and we're so glad that you found it rewarding. Many thanks to all of our outstanding presenters who shared their insights and ideas with our community. We couldn't have done it without you!

We also want to acknowledge and deeply thank our team of volunteers who helped us with all manner of things that contributed to making the SEAL Symposium possible:

Chloe Alexander

Randall Halverson

Kelli Herm

Gary Maixner III

Isabella Mokaya

Becki Myers

Kindra Orr

Kristi Palmer

Richard Schulte

Madison Thompson

SEAL Map of Attendance!