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Article & Citation Databases

Article and citation databases will contain both articles (full text) and citations to articles (with "Find It" links to the full text). Articles can be scholarly, from popular news sources like magazines, or sometimes from trade magazines particular to an industry or a profession. Each database contains different types and amounts of information. Hover over the (i) to find out more about each database and to help you select the one that is most appropriate for your information need.

Also see the "Recursos de la red" page for Open Access databases from Latin America and beyond.

Broad multidisciplinary databases

General humanities/social sciences databases

Subject-specific databases

Other databases

Finding the Full-Text of an Article - Long

Citation Linker

If you have the citation of an article, you can quickly and easily find the full text from IUPUI using this Citation Linker.

Simply enter appropriate citation information into the form below, press the 'Look Up' button to view full text options.

Please include one of the Journal, ISSN, DOI, or PMID information.