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Managing Your Research Data

Tips & tools to help you manage your research data with less stress


Good data management can make the process of analysis much easier, so let's recap some of the tips from earlier phases.

  • Make sure the data you plan to collect will answer your research questions. Ask for help with statistics or other analytical techniques so you don't waste time and data.

Take snapshots of your data at these key points, at least. A snapshot is just a locked copy of your data files, saved to a backup storage location. These files should not be changed; they are for reference only.

  • raw data (before it is cleaned and processed)
  • your processed data (before it is analyzed)
  • the data used for your analysis, any analytical scripts or procedures used, and detailed notes about why data were selected for analysis or excluded

During the analysis process, help yourself by taking good notes, clearly versioning your analysis scripts and files