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About Covidence

What is Covidence?

Covidence is a web-based tool designed to make systematic reviews and other evidence syntheses easier to conduct.

Covidence helps you screen title/abstracts and full-text of articles. It also helps with data abstraction. 

You can join the IU Covidence account using your email from any of the IU campuses, and you can invite others to join your review from anywhere in the world. This makes collaborating easy, and you'll stop having to share numerous Endnote libraries or Excel files with multiple reviewers. 

Create a Covidence Account - Step by Step Instructions

After using the link above to request a Covidence invitation, go to your email to accept your invitation:

email received from Covidence with link to accept invitation

After clicking on the link, you will come to the below page.

  • If you already have an existing Covidence account and it needs to be linked with the IU account, sign in using your existing account.
  • If you do not have an existing Covidence account, click the sign-up link (circled in the screenshot below). 
  • Do not sign in with a Cochrane account, which cannot be linked with institutional accounts. 

Accept your invite webpage


If you are making a new account, fill out the form below, using any password you'd prefer. After that, you should be able to login to your IU Covidence account!

Form to input personal information like name, email address and password

Using Covidence