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Resources for Open/Public Access Compliance

NIH Public Access Compliance

The National Institutes of Health has issued a revised Public Access Policy to ensure compliance with Public Law 110-161.  Under the revised policy, any peer-reviewed journal articles arising in whole or part from direct costs paid by the NIH or NIH staff must be submitted in electronic format to the National Library of Medicine's digital archive PubMed Central and made available within twelve months of publication.

NIHMS NIH Manuscript Submission System--The system to submit accepted, peer-reviewed manuscripts to be assigned a PMCID. Journals, authors, and third-party groups can submit articles into the NIHMS.

NIHMS Status Glossary

PMID to PMCID Convertor

My NCBI--this tool allows you to check manage MyBibliography (where NIH authors should keep track of their publications), NIH Public Access Policy compliance, log into SciENcv, save searches, and save collections (specific articles).

Open Access

IUPUI Open Access Policy

The IUPUI Faculty Council adopted an open access policy on October 7th, 2014. This policy shows IUPUI's commitment to disseminating the fruits of research and scholarship as widely as possible. Open access policies increase authors’ rights, readership and citation rates for scholarly articles. The opt out provision ensures that all faculty authors have the freedom to publish in the journal of their choice.

What is Open Access?

IUPUI Open Access (OA) Policy FAQ

The Case for Open Access (from PLoS)