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MedEdPORTAL submissions & image use

Ruth Lilly Medical Library Liaison/Research Librarian

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Before you begin

When you are using copyrighted images or other materials in a classroom setting, it falls under Fair Use.  See the links below to learn more about Fair Use. 

Any image not cited is plagiarism. Cite your images and referenced papers in your teaching materials when you originally create them. This will also make it easier for preparing your MedEdPORTAL submission.

Educational Summary Report (ESR)

The purpose of MedEdPORTAL is to provide educators with packaged educational materials that they can easily implement. All submissions must include an Educational Summary Report (ESR). This is the manuscript portion of your submission. Your teaching materials will be included as appendices.

MedEdPORTAL Editorial Manager

When you are ready to submit your original publication to MedEdPORTAL through their submission form, the last question on the "Additional Information" section requires you to choose a license for your submission. This is important to think through now because any images used with a Creative Commons license must match the option you choose. For example, you will not be able to use an image that is CC-BY-SA because your submission is either CC-BY (Attribution) or CC-BY-NC (Attribution - NonCommercial).

A prompt in the MedEdPORTAL submission form asking to select a Creative Commons Copyright Usage License for your submission.  Options are Attribution, Attribution - NonCommercial, and Public Domain.

We recommend choosing "Attribution," which is CC-BY as it is least restrictive for people who want to use your work.

Using images in your MedEdPortal submission

All images and figures in MedEdPortal must be either created by the author, or have permission to use them. 90% of submissions have copyright issues related to images. 

Here are suggestions on how to use images in your submissions from best to worst case. 

Best Case Scenarios:

Okay Scenario:

  • Find a freely/openly available image that is copyrighted or CC-BY-SA, and create a placeholder with a link in your submission. Readers will be able to obtain the image through the link.

Worst Case Scenario:

  • Create a placeholder for a paywalled image. Readers may or may not be able to obtain access to the original source through their library.