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MedEdPORTAL submissions & image use: Images

Using images in your MedEdPortal submission

All images and figures in MedEdPortal must be either created by the author, or have permission to use them. 90% of submissions have copyright issues related to images. 

Here are suggestions on how to use images in your submissions from best to worst case. 

Best Case Scenarios:

Okay Scenario:

  • Find a freely/openly available image that is copyrighted or CC-BY-SA, and create a placeholder with a link in your submission. Readers will be able to obtain the image through the link.

Worst Case Scenario:

  • Create a placeholder for a paywalled image. Readers may or may not be able to obtain access to the original source through their library. 

Image Use Flow Chart


This image is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License by Hannah Craven.