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MedEdPORTAL submissions & image use: Creative Commons and Public Domain

Use of Third Party Material in MedEdPortal

MedEdPortal requires authors to obtain permission to use any third-party materials (text, diagrams, charts, articles, images, cartoons, multimedia) or to use third-party material that is either in the public domain or has an appropriate Creative Commons License

See the following boxes to learn more about each option. 

Public Domain

Works said to be in the public domain are works that are not subject to copyright laws and are available for the public without seeking permissions or licenses. Intellectual work enters the public domain mainly through three ways: copyright has expired, copyright is inapplicable, or copyright has been forfeited (for example, a creator can will their work to the public).

Works created and produced by the U.S. Federal Government are bound by law to always be in the public domain. 

Creative Commons

Creative Commons provides a free licensing system that provide a simple, standardized way for creators to give the public permission to share and use their creative work — on conditions of their choice. You can find works licensed in this way through a Creative Commons search. Just remember: Even though it’s free to use these works, you must follow the terms of the license and cite your sources!

See this FAQ list for answers to the most common questions about Creative Commons licensing. 





Only CC-BY and CC-BY-NC licenses are accepted by MedEdPortal.