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Resources to support marketing and market reseach

Tip - Searching MSA or DMA

Some databases allow you to search for information on consumers based on MSA or DMA.

MSA: Metropolitan Statistical Area. The US government divides the country into MSAs which usually include a metropolitan city and the suburban areas surrounding.

DMA: Designated Market Area. This is a geographic region set up by the Nielsen Company (ratings). Each DMA is made up of the counties that make up a city's television viewing area. Note: Indianapolis's DMA ranking for 2019 is 28.


Lifestyle & Psychographics (Values, Attitudes)


How to create a demographic profile

(Example shows how to make one for someone who makes business purchase decisions at work but can be used for also consumer and brand related queries)


Social Surveys, Polls, & Trendspotting

Note: These are all web resources.