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Research Data Services

This guide describes the services offered by the Ruth Lilly Medical Library for the management, sharing, and preservation of research data at the IU School of Medicine.

How can the library help?

The Ruth Lilly Medical Library supports the management and preservation of research data for the IU School of Medicine by providing the following services.

Training & education on:

  1. Research data management best practices
  2. Data visualization best practices
  3. Data sharing
  4. Current data policies and requirements

Consultations on:

  1. Improving data organization and management in research workflows
  2. Locating places to store research data, for the short & long term
  3. Sharing research data
  4. Complying with funder and publisher requirements for research data

For any and all terms/jargon used in this guide, check out the Glossary page for working definitions.