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LibGuides Best Practices

Same look across all the guides

Each library has its own presence but all guides within a library should follow the same design such as format, box color, font, etc.

University Library: Subject guide template, Course guide template

Dentistry: The Dentistry Library tries to have a starting template/organization for each type of guide (subject, course, etc.) which are housed in the common boxes. The Dentistry Library also has standard sizes and ways of presenting certain things like images of journal covers and universal filler images. 


Focal point - Your guide should be readable (Two column with side menu navigation)

  • Evidence 1: Users were confused if there were too many text-oriented boxes. They didn't know where to start. 
  • Evidence 2: "Do not use a kitchen-sink approach for including information in a guide. In other words, choose information and resources specifically tailored for the target audience rather than adding less tailored information for the purposes of filling up a page or a tab" (Kansas State Libraries: Usability Team Report)


Do not put any important information under side menu navigation

  • Exception is contact information and/or librarian profile