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LibGuides Best Practices

How to audit your guides

Once a month:

Once a semester:

(August before fall classes start and January before spring classes start are good times.)

  • Review content to make sure everything up-to-date.
  • Check assets. (Under Content in the top Orange Header Bar)
    • Delete duplicates.
      • Consolidate assets by mapping the links/documents/etc. on guides to the same asset.
    • Delete unused assets. (TIP: When you sort assets by “mapping count” you can quickly limit to those that are in 0 guides, meaning they can safely be deleted.)
    • Ensure names, descriptions, and links are correct.
  • Run link checker and fix broken links. (Under Tools in the top Orange Header Bar)
  • Review links that are embedded in the text and fix broken links.

Peer-Review of guides

Once a year (on a rolling basis), the LibGuides Task Force will peform peer-review of libguides. This involves: providing feedback on  guides, reviewing guides to ensure they comply with best practices, and looking at last updated date to ensure guides have been updated recently. If a guide has not been updated for over a year, the owner may be asked to review the guide.