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Randall Halverson
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Books for short-term checkout

Selected IT-related books on topics such as programming, computing, security, and modeling in the library's Information Desk "STEM" reserves collection for short-term checkout are listed below. The first link at bottom of the page lists selected ebooks. See or OneSearch at for additional IUPUI ebook and hardcopy options, and for hardcopy books available to "request this" from the "stacks" of other campuses.

The Information Desk can assist during library hours, including numerous nights and weekends: 317-274-0469.  

STEM reserve books are available via a valid Jagtag or Crimson Card,  regardless of enrollment in a specific course. These books can typically be checked out for 7 days, and may be renewed at the Information Desk. The real-time availability of reserve or other books can be determined by using the IUCAT system at or by calling the Desk.

If print copies of a book in the IU libraries have been checked out, as shown in IUCAT at the bottom of the full record for the item, check for related items using the hot-linked subject terms shown for the book, and then Sort by Year (new to old). You are welcome to visit or call the Information Desk for other options and tips.  

* Indicates that the campus has an ebook version or a "stacks" print copy of an edition.


Browse further down to see ADVANCED/SPECIALIZED BOOKS



Advanced penetration testing*: Hacking the world's most secure networks; Allsopp; 2017.

Advanced programming in the UNIX environment; Stevens & Rago; 3rd ed. 2013.

Algorithms; Sedgewick; 4th ed. 2016.

Algorithms illuminated: The basics; Roughgarden: The Basics; 2017.

Algorithms illuminated: Graph algorithms and data structures; Roughgarden; 2017.

Algorithms illuminated : Part 3, greedy algorithms and dynamic programming; Roughgarden; 2017.

Available for the library to purchase by request: Part 4: ALGORITHMS ILLUMINATED: ALGORITHMS FOR NP-HARD PROBLEMS.

Applied predictive modeling; Kuhn & Johnson; 2013.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies: A comprehensive introduction; Narayanan; 2019.

C  programming language, Kernighan; 2nd ed. 1988.

Clean code: A handbook of agile software craftsmanship; Martin; 2009.

Cloud computing for science and engineering; Foster & Gannon; 2017.

Compilers: Principles, techniques, & tools; Aho; 2nd ed. 2007.

Complex networks: A networking and signal processing perspective; Manoj, Chakraborty, & Singh; 2018.

Computer programming with C++; Pimparkhede; 2017.

Concrete mathematics: A foundation for computer science; 2nd ed. 1994.

Cracking the coding interview: 189 programming questions and solutions*; McDowell; 2015.

Data science design manual; Skiena; 2017.

Available for the library to purchase by request: Deep learning; Goodfellow; 2016.

*Deep learning*; Kelleher; 2019.

Available for the library to purchase by request: Deep learning with Python; Chollet; 2nd ed. 2021.

Discrete-time signal processing; Oppenheim et al.; 3rd ed. 2014.

*Doing Bayesian data analysis: A tutorial with R, JAGS, and Stan*; Kruschke; 2nd ed. 2015.

Foundations of machine learning for predictive data analytics*; Kelleher, et al; 2015.

Foundations of modern networking: SDN, NFV, QoE, IoT, and Cloud; Stallings; 2016.

Fundamentals of numerical computation; Druscoll & Braum; 2018.

Game programming patterns; Nystrom; 2014.

Graph data modeling for NoSQL and SQL: Visualize structure and meaning; Frisendal; 2016,

Graphs, algorithms, and optimization; Kocay & Kreher; 2nd ed. 2017. 

Hacker's delight; Warren; 2nd ed. 2013.

How to design programs: An introduction to programming and computing; Felleisen et al.; 2nd ed. 2018.

Introduction to cryptography: Principles and applications; Delfs & Knebl; 3rd ed. 2015.

Introduction to data mining; Tan et al.; 2nd ed. 2019.

Introduction to deep learning; Charniak; 2018.

*An introduction to statistical learning: With applications in R*; James, Witten, Hastie, & Tibshirani; 2015. (2 copies) 

*MATLAB: A practical introduction to programming and problem solving*; Attaway; 5th ed. 2019.

Matrix computations*; Golub & Van Loan; 4th ed. 2013.

*Network security assessment*; McNab; 3rd ed. 2017.

Neural networks and deep learning: A textbook; Aggarwal; 2018.

*Numerical algorithms: Methods for computer vision, machine learning, and graphics*; Solomon; 2015.

Numerical methods for engineers and scientists: An introduction with applications using MATLAB®; Gilat; 3rd ed. 2014.

Patent it Yourself : Your Step-by-Step Guide to Filing at the U.S. Patent Office; Pressman; 19th ed. 2018.

*Patent searching made easy: How to do patent searches online and in the library*; 7th ed. 2017.

Available for the library to purchase by request: Patent searching made easy : how to do patent searches online and in the library; 8th ed. 2022.

Pragmatic AI: An introduction to cloud based machine learning; Gift; 2019.

Reinforcement learning: An introduction; 2nd ed. 2018 

Serious cryptography: A practical introduction to modern encryption*; Aumasson; 2018.

Signal and power integrity -- simplified; Bogatin; 3rd ed. 2018.

Signals and systems using MATLAB;  Chaparro & Akan; 3rd ed. 2019.

Software languages: Syntax, semantics, and metaprogramming; Lammel; 2018,

A tour of C++; Stroustrup; 2nd ed. 2018.

A tour through graph theory; Saoub; 2018.



Algebra for applications: Cryptography, secret sharing, error-correcting, fingerprinting, compression; Slinko; 2015.

Convex Optimization; Boyd & Vandenberghe; 2004.

Computer vision: Models, learning, and inference; Prince; 2012.

Decision making under uncertainty: Theory and applications; Kochenderfer; 2015.

Graph algorithms in the language of linear algebra; Kepler & Gilbert; SIAM; 2011.

LaTeX in 24 hours : A practical guide for scientific writing ; Datta; 2017.

Practical LaTeX *; Grätzer; 2014.

Princeton companion to applied mathematics*; 2015. 

Probabilistic robotics; Thrun, Burgard, & Fox; 2006.

Seminumerical algorithms; vol. 2 of Art of Programming; Knuth; 3rd ed. 1997.

Signals, systems, and inference; Oppenheim; 2016. 


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