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Crest® Cavity Creeps: How IU Built Toothopolis

An online exhibition of Crest® toothpaste history and marketing

American Dental Association Newsletter, August 1, 1960

In 1960, Crest® became the first dentifrice to be officially recognized by the ADA as “an effective decay preventive agent.” It should be noted that this was done at the same time the ADA was actively fighting against what it perceived as “false and deceptive claims in dentifrice advertising.” In fact, at that time, Colgate® was facing charges from the FTC that it made false claims that its ingredient “Gardol” formed a “protective shield” against caries.

Science, October 27, 1961

The “recognition” of Crest® by the ADA led to great controversy both in and outside of dentistry. Regardless of the ethical arguments, it established precedent for the use of the ADA’s name as part of product marketing.