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Music and Arts Technology

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All of the ebooks in the library's ebook systems accessible to the campus can generally be searched and accessed via IUCAT: Details for physical items such as books and CDs at IU system libraries can also be searched via IUCAT. See mouse-over note tips for IUCAT link below. For more IUCAT search details, see content box at bottom of page.. 

Individual ebook platforms can provide added features such as full-text searching. 

TO BROWSE THE library "STACKS" for books of interest: 

See MUSIC THERAPY books on level 3 from MT 3919 through MT 3920 and on level 4 from RC 489 A7 A68 through RC 489 A7 L54 

See MUSIC TECHNOLOGY, including audio engineering and software tools books on level 4  between call numbers TK 7881.3 -- TK 7881.9.  

Music "STEM Reserves" hardcopy books

Books for short-term checkout at Information Desk. 

Music Arts Technology-related books in the library's Information Desk STEM reserve collection for short-term checkout are listed below. These books can typically be checked out for 7 days. The real-time availability of reserve or other books can be determined by using the IUCAT system at or by calling the Information Desk: 317-274-0469. 



An applied guide to research designs: Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods; Edmonds & Kennedy; 2nd ed. 2017. (2 copies)

Concise introduction to mixed methods research; Creswell; 2015.

The literature review: Six steps to success; Machi & McEvoy; 3rd ed. 2016.

Practical research: Planning and design; Leedy; 11th ed. 2015.  

Handbook of neurologic music therapy; Thaut & Heomberg; 2016.



NEW: Audio production worktext: Concepts, techniques, and equipment; Sauls & Stark; 9th ed. 2019.

Logic Pro X 10.4: Professional music production; Nahmani; 2018.

Recording studio design; Newell; 4th ed. 2017. (1 print copy; 3 ebook copies) 

Electronic music and sound design: Theory and practice with Max 7: vol. 1; 3rd ed. 2016. (2 copies)

Electronic music and sound design: Theory and practice with Max 7: vol. 2; 3rd ed. 2016.

Electronic music and sound design: Theory and practice with Max and MSP: vol. 1; 2nd ed. 2013.

Mastering audio: The art and the science; Katz; 3rd ed. 2015.

Sound reproduction: The acoustics and psychoacoustics of loudspeakers and rooms; Toole; 3rd ed. 2017.

Signal and power integrity -- simplified; Bogatin; 3rd ed. 2017.

Discrete-time signal processing; Schafer & Oppenheim; 3rd International ed. 2013. 

Understanding digital signal processing; Lyons; 3rd ed. 2011. 

Also see General Engineering & Technology "STEM Reserves Collection"

e-Handbooks, e-Encyclopedias, Video, etc.

e-Handbooks can be accessed online by searching for the title at IUCAT:

Also see options for a number of hardcopy titles via iucat "keyword anywhere" searches such as:  handbooks music therapy. More IUCAT search strategies, including suggested subject terms, are given below at "Find specialized books & ebooks". 



Research design: Quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, arts-based, and community-based participatory research approaches; Leavy; 2017. Access unlimited concurrent user e-copies at:

Handbook of arts-based research; Leavy; 2017. Access unlimited concurrent user e-copies at:

Mixed methods interviews, surveys, and cross-cultural comparisons; Schrauf; 2016. Access unlimited user e-copies at: 

A practical guide to cultivating therapeutic practice; Geller; APA; 2017. Access 2 e-copies via link at:

Music therapy handbook; Wheeler; 2015. Access 3 e-copies at:

Music therapy in mental health for illness management and recovery; Silverman; 2015. Access unlimited e-copies at:




Master handbook of acoustics; Everest; 6th ed. 2015. We have in print; also access unlimited e-copies at:

Springer handbook of acoustics; Rossing; 2nd ed. 2014. Access multiple e-copies at: 

Mastering engineer's handbook; Owsinski; 3rd ed. 2015. Access unlimited e-copies at:

Understanding and crafting the mix: The art of recording; Moylan; 3rd ed. 2015. Access e-copy at:

PreSonus StudioLive mixer handbook: The official guide to getting the most from your console; Owsinski, 2014. Access 3 e-copies at:

Mixing engineer's handbook; Owsinski; 3rd ed. 2014. Access unlimited e-copies at:

Recording engineer's handbook; Owsinski; 3rd ed. 2014. Access unlimited e-copies at:

IUCAT details; find specialized books & ebooks

The  Information Desk (317-274-0469) can help find IUPUI ebooks, and CDs or hardcopy books here or to "Request This". 

 Self-service IUCAT tips:

Find IUCAT: Try combining keywords or keyword phrases. 

From the search results page, change the pull-down sort to "Sort by Year (new to old)" for newer hits. 

Electronic resources such as ebooks show a blue icon in your list of hits

Include setting "Online Only" and limit option "Campus" = Indianapolis to see only IUPUI ebooks and ejournals.  

Use a search hit title hot-link to obtain more details. Look for the campus URL to access an electronic item. For a hard copy, use "Request This" to request an available copy (in "stacks") here or from other campuses; or for Indianapolis items, see the "call number" location code at bottom. 

SUGGESTED SUBJECT terms (can mix words from more than one) are given below. Can change search Homepage pull-down menu to Subject search or use the Advanced Search subject field, adding keywords to other field search boxes as useful.   



Music therapy Research

Music therapy Research methodology

Music therapy Methods

Music Therapy Case Report

Music therapy Education 

Music Therapy Instruction and study



Sound recordings Production

Popular music Production 

Sound Recording and reproducing

Electronic Music

Digital audio editors

Computer Sound Processing 

Signal processing Digital techniques

Musical analysis Data processing

Music Data processing 

Musical computer programs

Electronic musical instruments 

Synthesizer Musical instrument

Frequency synthesizers

Music Acoustics and physics

Multimedia systems 

Audio amplifiers

Power amplifiers

Dissertations and Theses