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BUS M401 - International Marketing

Course guide supporting BUS M401 Course

How to start researching...

If you are trying to research and learn about a particular social or cultural issue there are a couple places you can begin:

  1. Review the resources listed below to find discussion about social, political, and other cultural issues for your country.
  2. Look for discussion in newspapers published in the country you are researching. Newspapers often print discussion on cultural events and social issues that are important to their readers.
  3. Try searching for your topic using an interdisciplinary databases.

If you would like to explore potential social issues and are not sure where to begin start here:


Interdisciplinary Databases

Not sure what discipline covers your topic? Not finding enough information? Interdisciplinary databases contain articles from the sciences, social sciences, and arts & humanities. They are a great way to see who is talking about your topic and to expand your research.

Web of Science and SCOPUS, while interdisciplinary, are weighted towards science.