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E-Books: Finding and Using Electronic Books


You can tell in IUCAT that an e-book is on the EBSCOhost platform because the URL field will start with or (EBSCO absorbed netLibrary recently and the old URLs have not been updated).

Like ebrary e-books, EBSCOhost e-books can be single-user or multi-user (also known as unlimited simultaneous users). Another status you might see is “Limited User Access (365 Uses Available)" also known as concurrent access.  This means there can be approximately 365 uses per year, and there can be unlimited (within the 365 constraint) simultaneous users at a given time. The EBSCOhost record will state how many users can access the e-book as shown below:

EBSCOhost 2 user screen shot.

EBSCOhost e-books with netLibrary URLs are almost all single-user.

The last copy of an ebook from EBSCOhost are not able to be downloaded or checked out.  So, for example, if an e-book is single-user, it may not be downloaded. 3-user titles allow 2 downloads, and preserve online access for 1 user. Multiple-user and concurrent access titles may be downloaded.