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Exploring Academic Integrity - A Self-Guided Tutorial

A tutorial to guide you through the concepts of Academic Integrity and your obligations as a student.

14 - Citation Styles

What Do These Citations Look Like?

citations in different formats. MLA = Laney, Cara and Elizabeth F. Loftus. “Emotional Content of True and False Memories.” Memory 16.5 (2008): 500-516. Print. ; APA = Laney, C. & Loftus, E. F. (2008). Emotional content of true and false memories. Memory, 16(5), 500-516. doi: 10.1080/09658210802065939 ; CSE = Laney, C, Loftus EF. 2008. Emotional content of true and false memories. Memory. 16(5): 500-516. ; Chicago = Laney, Cara and Elizabeth Loftus. 2008. “Emotional content of true and false memories.” Memory 16, (5): 500-516.

For more information about citation styles, including how to read and understand the different parts of a citation, see the Citation Section in our Start Your Research Tutorial.