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Finding Full-Text

Finding Full-Text Infographic

Finding the full-text of an article from a citation (Journal Title)

When you have found a promising source in a print bibliography or footnotes, the foolproof method for getting access to the full-text is to search for the Journal TITLE in the Electronic Journals List (search box below). 

Search for Periodical Titles


If we don't have access to the full-text of the journal, Interlibrary Loan allows you to obtain journal articles at no cost to you. Delivery of most documents is done electronically via e-mail. 

Finding the full-text of an article from a citation (Citation Linker)

If you have the citation of an article, you can quickly and easily find the full text from IUPUI using this Citation Linker.

Simply enter appropriate citation information into the form below, press the 'Look Up' button to view full text options.

Please include one of the Journal, ISSN, DOI, or PMID information.



Finding the Full-Text of an Article