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Evidence Based Dentistry (EBD)

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IUCAT is Indiana University's online library catalog. Search it to find items held by the IU Libraries statewide, including books, recordings, US government publications, periodicals, and other types of material. You can access IUCAT from any computer connected to the Internet or at walk-up terminals located throughout the IU Library system.

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Library: IUPUI University Library
  Herron Art Library

Browsing Dentistry Books

Books in the Dentistry Library are organized using the National Library of Medicine call number system.

WU 1-49 Reference Works. General Works

WU 50-95 Ethics. Professional Practice and Personnel. Records

WU 100-113.7 Anatomy. Physiology. Hygiene

WU 140-166 Diseases. Injuries. Technology. Therapeutics

WU 170-190 Dental Chemistry and Materials

WU 210-290 Dental Anatomy. Diseases

WU 300-360 Operative Dentistry

WU 400-440 Orthodontics

WU 460-495 Special Patient Groups

WU 500-530 Prosthodontics

WU 600-640 Oral Surgical Procedures

Books at IUSD & Beyond

  • Most books listed in these guides are available at the IUSD Library (DS 128)
  • Books listed as being available at the Reserve Desk are available for 2 hour checkout and CANNOT LEAVE THE LIBRARY
  • Books listed as being in the Stacks can be checked out normally
  • Books listed as being in Stacks Storage need to be requested at the desk but can be checked out normally.
  • Books with hyperlinked titles are available online.  Keep in mind that if you're using these off campus you will need to access them through the VPN or login.