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ENG W509: Introduction to Writing and Literacy Studies

This guide was created in connection with a library instruction session in fall 2015. Please contact the librarian if you have questions.

Setting up Alerts

Many databases include an alert feature that you can set up for various criteria. The alert can be for a citation, author, table of contents (TOC), or general topic of interest. The database will automatically be searched for the latest records matching your criteria. Then, the database will send you updated results by e-mail or RSS feed. 

Different databases will have different procedures for setting up search alerts, but the process is more or less the same. Set up alerts by following these general steps: 

  1. Search using search terms and filters;

  2. Save the search as an alert; then

  3. Give your alert a name and select frequency and/or method of delivery (e.g. email alert).

For more help, click the links below or look for the "Help" menu in your database.