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EndNote - Citation Management Software

The purpose of this guide to assist users with using the citation management software EndNote.

About EndNote Web

EndNote Web is an online service that allows you to store, share and organize your citations so that you can access them from any computer. By installing the Microsoft Word plugin, you can cite references from your library and automatically create your bibliography as you write.


Getting Help

EndNote Web has an excellent help page. (Just click “Help” in EndNote Web to get there.)

There are step-by-step video tutorials demonstrating everything on this guide (and more).



Go to and follow the instructions to create your EndNote Web account. (You may need to be on campus to initially set up your account.)

If EndNote Web won’t allow you to create an account, try going in via Web of Science. Choose “My EndNote Web Library” from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

After logging in, click “Download Installers” at the bottom of the page. Download and install the Cite While You Write installer for Word.

Adding References By Hand

To type a reference by hand, just click “New Reference” in the left-hand menu. Select the type of reference from the drop-down menu. Fill in all relevant fields. From the “Save to…” menu choose a folder (or “Unfiled”) and click the Save button.

Importing Citations from Databases

Search the article database via the web interface as you normally would. Select the references you want, then save or export them to a text file.

Next, add the article database to your favorite import filters. (You only need to do this once.) Click “Import Filters” in the left menu. Select the database name and click Copy to Favorites.

Click “Import” in the left menu. Browse to the file you saved. Select the database name from the second menu. Click the Import button.

Every database works a little differently. EndNote has detailed instructions for many databases on their website.

Note: There is a browser plugin available on the EndNote Web site for Firefox and Internet Explorer. At this writing, neither one works.

Creating Bibliographies

Type your paper normally until you want to insert a citation. Place your cursor where you want the citation to appear (either in the text or create a footnote). In Word 2007, click the EndNote Web menu. Click the Find Citations button. Enter a keyword to locate your citation, then click Insert.

Use the drop-down style menu to change bibliographic styles. If the style you need isn’t in the drop-down list, go to EndNote Web in your browser and choose Output Styles in the left menu, then choose the style you want and click Copy to Favorites. You may have to close Word and re-open it to get the new style to appear.