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This is a general guide for students of English. Please contact the librarian if you have questions.

Your "Information Need"

In order to find information, it is helpful if you can first assess your "information need." What I mean is, if you can imagine what type of information you need (scholarly journal article, persuasive essay, blog, video interview) and where it might live (journal, magazine, online, YouTube), that can accelerate your research tremendously!

You may not be able to answer the questions of what you need and where it might live until you know how information gets created. Watch this short video below to gain a basic overview of the information creation process.

The Information Cycle

Understanding the "Information Cycle" can help you learn how to do better research for your topic. Today's events are tomorrow's information One event triggers how information is told over the course of hours, days, weeks, months, and finally years. Watch the following video produced by Penn State to understand how an event becomes a topic of scholarly research: