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Thinking Outside the "Box"

Thinking Outside the "Box": Teaching Supply Chain Research. This guide supports Chapter # in Teaching Business Information Literacy

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Katharine Macy
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How to use this guide

This guide provides resources that support teaching supply chain research. It is specifically designed to support Ch. 27 of the book Teaching Business Information Literacy.

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Beyond the home page, there are 7 sections to this guide.

The first section is Industry Classification Codes, which is useful pre-work for students to understand prior to the instruction session. This page can easily be incorporated into a research guide.

The next five sections provide information and materials  that can easily be copied and modified into your own subject and course guides and support the work during the instruction session. Links within these pages tied to subscription databases will need to be updated to reflect your institution.

  • Trade Associations
  • Industry/Market Research Resources
  • Trade Journals
  • Commodity Research
  • Economic Indicators

The last section provides additional teaching resources that may be useful as you teach supply chain research, as well as suggestions for alternative resources and databases.