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Academic Video Online

Streaming videos available through Academic Video Online.

Searching and Finding Made Easy

Searching is easy and intuitive.  Simply type what you're looking for into the search box   You won't even need to type the whole word to discover what's available!

In the example below, when searching "environ", you will see two columns.  Left for individual videos and right for related, curated channels.  Clicking on a video or channel will take you to that result.  Hitting enter after typing in your search term will take you to a list of individual video results.

Search box

Filtering Results

After executing your search, a visual arrangement of results will appear.  The red filter/facet toggle (looks like a funnel) in the upper center of the screen will reveal many choices for defining and refining a search by Subject, Publisher, Person, Content Type, and Release Date using the slider.  

Add filters by clicking on them.  Remove them by clicking on the X that will appear next to them after you've enabled them.  The large, red X will collapse the filter menu.

Filter Results


From the results, the lower case can be clicked to find out more on a video/film without actually launching the film in the cinematic experience.

Film Information

In the information preview, you can see narrators and producers (hyperlinked for ease in launching a new, specific search), length, and description.  Clicking on Channels on the right, bottom will take you to channels related to this video title. 

Info Results
The red dot (just above) can be slid  to preview additional locations in the video to determine as a method of previewing.  Hitting play will launch the video (from whereever the red dot is) in full screen mode