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Affordable Learning Solutions: Open Educational Resources



Do you know of an instructor at IUPUI that created or uses an open educational resource in the classroom?

If so, please nominate them for the first annual IUPUI Open Education Award:

University Library is creating an award to recognize instructors that contribute to student success by using free, open, digital materials in the classroom. Open educational resources (OERs) are any educational materials that are in the public domain or licensed for adaptation and reuse. OERs may include textbooks, chapters, online modules, assignments, audiovisual works, datasets and other digital products.

Eligible resources must:

  • Have an open license, such as Creative Commons, GNU, Public Domain, etc.
  • Be used in a classroom environment at IUPUI between 2016-2018
  • Be publicly accessible

We would like to recognize the work of instructors from a variety of IUPUI schools and departments. Please feel free to nominate more than one person.

Nominees will be featured in the library on posters showcasing their work. The library will also hold a celebration event honoring their work on March 7, 2019.

Nominations are due on February 15, 2019 at 5 PM.