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Research Guides

Laura Menard

Publications, Presentations, and Invited Talks

Menard, L., Schmillen, H., Stark, R.K., and Theis-Mahon, N. (May 2018). Just-in-Time Assessment at a National Conference: increasing member engagement and assisting with professional development. (Invited Proposal). Medical Library Association Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

Menard, L. (May 2018). Library Space Assessment Using an Open-Source Toolkit: Pitfalls and Promises. (Conference Poster). Medical Library Association Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

Menard, L. (April 2018). Teaching Critical Appraisal to Students in the Health Sciences. (Invited Lecture). Indiana Health Sciences Librarians Association Symposium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Howard, H. and Menard, L. (April 2018). ALI Assessment Committee Webinar. (Invited Speaker). Academic Libraries of Indiana Meeting. Virtual.

Menard, L. (November 2017). It’s Getting Hot in Here! Heat mapping and data gathering for space analysis and design. (Conference Poster). Charleston Conference in Charleston, SC.

Menard, L. and Rios, G. (May 2017). Closing the Loop: using data analysis and visualization to get the most out of your library assessment. (Special Content Session). Medical Library Association Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA.

Menard, L. (May 2017). Pass Rates and Partnerships: addressing changes to the NAPLEX and MPJE. (Lightning Talk). Medical Library Association Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA.

Bradley, E., Chen, B., Mandity, E., and Menard, L. (March 2017). Using SUMA. (Invited Speaker). PALNI Analytics Team Webinar Series.

Gaede, F., Menard, L., Miller, J., and Welp, A. (November 2016). Getting More from LibQual+ Data: using open source tools for data analysis and visualization. (Conference Poster). 2016 Library Assessment Conference in Arlington, VA.

Menard, L., (August 2016). New Position, New Services: building faculty interest from the ground up. (Lightning Talk). Great Lakes Science Boot Camp for Librarians in Notre Dame, IN.

Menard, L. (May 2016). History of the Medicalization of Disorders of Sex Development. (Conference Paper). Medical Library Association Annual Conference in Toronto, Ontario.

Menard, L., Tribolleti, J., and Wilhoite, J. (April 2016). Student Perceptions of a Business Plan Assignment Utilizing Website Design in an Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Elective. (Poster Presentation). Celebration of Innovation in Teaching and Learning Meeting in Indianapolis, IN.

Menard, L. (October 2015). Context and Contribution: going beyond the research paper in the health sciences. (Conference Poster). Medical Library Association Midwest Annual Meeting in Louisville, KY.