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Electronic lab notebook (ELN) toolkit

This toolkit is intended to assist in the use of an electronic lab notebook at IU School of Medicine.


LabArchives is a secure, cloud-based digital notebook built for scientists to use in the conduct of research. This electronic lab notebook (ELN) system enables researchers to capture, manage, store, and share information and data generated from research. LabArchives is designed to facilitate collaboration amongst researchers within a lab, in the institution, and outside the institution.

The Indiana University School of Medicine provides free access to LabArchives, which includes unlimited notebook creation and storage. If you are interested in accessing LabArchives, please contact


LabArchives integrates with several partner applications to facilitate the research processes of its users. Some commonly used integrations are listed below:

I'm using and/or want to use another ELN

LabArchives is the only electronic lab notebook system supported by the IU School of Medicine. If you are interested in using another ELN system in your lab, it must comply with University policy to safely collect and store institutional research data. Please refer to the links below for relevant guidance to ensure this compliance.