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ENG: Reading, Writing, & Inquiry


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Gemmicka Piper
UL 1115Y

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Welcome to Reading, Writing, & Inquiry

Welcome! This guide is designed to help you with the research process for Reading, Writing, & Inquiry. Although your instructor is your primary contact for your course, I invite you to contact me for questions related to research, the library resources, or choosing a topic. Please email or call me with your questions. You may also request a one-hour consultation for individualized and more in-depth assistance.

For quick questions, or to just get started with a research project, feel free to ask for help at the Service & Information Desk on level 2 of University Library. It's available to you whenever the building is open. 

Research is an iterative process, meaning individual steps may be repeated multiple times. The graphic below shows one way that we can do research, but it doesn't look the same for everyone. The research process is non-linear and often messy. As you go through this guide, you should feel free to jump back and forth between steps as you see fit or to come up with a process that works better for you.

Tutorial 1 - The Research Process