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Research Guides

Free and Sponsored Medical/Health Resources

Authoritative & Reliable Health Information for Consumers/Patients

Guide to Healthy Web Surfing

Use the information in this website to assist your research by locating reliable information.

Resources for Consumers/Patients

MedlinePlus is an up-to-date authoritative website of medical information from trusted sources. 

It includes:

There are NO advertisements or endorsements in MedlinePlus. 

Resources for Indiana Citizens

Sponsored Resources

INSPIRE is Indiana's Virtual Library. Any Indiana individual, business or organization can access these resources and locate full-text electronic articles on a variety of topics. Sponsored by the Indiana State Library and funded by Build Indiana Funds. Use is limited to citizens of Indiana.

When using INSPIRE check the Databases by Subject link and choose the Health & Medicine box.

Medical Literature

 PubMed and PubMed Central

  • PubMed will search the medical literature and provide citations, some to free articles, but mainly to articles that must be purchased or acquired from a library.
  • PubMed Central is where the free articles in PubMed are located. This can searched directly or found by searching PubMed.

Medical Texts (ebooks)

Merck Manual (Consumer Version)

UpToDate (Patients & Caregivers)

Medical Libraries & Libraries with Health Information

Other libraries in Indiana have consumer health information. Check this directory to locate a library close to you.

The Indiana University School of Medicine Ruth Lilly Medical Library is open to the public. See Who May Use the Library for additional information.