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This guide will help you learn to use EndNote software for creating your own library of references and full text. EndNote will also allow you to insert references in the proper format into a paper or grant proposal.

Journal Names/Abbreviations

If you need the citations in your paper to display journal names in an abbreviated style:


  • On the EndNote menu, go to Tools -> Open Term Lists.
  • Select Journals Term List.
  • Click the Lists, select Journals, then click the Import button.
  • Select Medical (or whatever matches your subject area) and click the Open button.
  • Click OK when the importation is complete, then Close to close the Term Lists window.
  • Now all of your journals can be matched to the style you need.


  • In Finder, go to Applications folder
  • Open EndNote X8 folder
  • Scroll down if necessary to find the Terms folder
  • Select the Medical.txt file (or whichever meets the needs of your discipline)
  • Click Choose
  • Click Terms tab at top of page to make sure the Journal titles are loaded
  • Click Close

 Note: You can load more than one list, but it has to be done one list at a time.

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