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Research Guides

Phase 1 (Years 1 & 2) Library Resources

EBM (Evidence-Based Medicine) & Biostatistics

High Yield Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Public Health, Glaser

  • Print: 4th edition 2014

User's Guide to the Medical Literature: a Manual for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice, Guyatt et al.

ICM II (Introduction to Clinical Medicine II)

Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking, Bickley

  • eBook: 11th edition 2013
  • Print: 10th edition 2009

Bates' Visual Guide to Physical Examination, Bickley

  • eBook: 5th edition 2014

Symptom to Diagnosis: An Evidence-Based Guide, Stern



Andreoli and Carpenter's Cecil Essentials of Medicine

  • eBook: 9th edition 2016

DeGowin's Diagnostic Examination, LeBlond et al.

  • eBook: 10th edition 2009 (Access Med)
  • eBook: 9th edition 2009 (ProQuest)
  • Print: 9th edition 2009 (reference)

Essential Radiology: Clinical Presentation, Pathophysiology, Imaging, Gunderman

  • eBook: 3rd edition 2014
  • Print: 3rd edition 2014 (on reserve)

Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Hacker and Moore

Goldman's Cecil Medicine

  • eBook: 25th edition 2016

Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine

  • eBook: 18th edition 2012
  • Print: 18th edition 2012

The Health Care Handbook: a clear and concise guide to the United States health care system, Askin

  • Print: 2nd edition 2014 (on reserve)

Introductory Textbook of Psychiatry, Black et al.

Learning Radiology: Recognizing the Basics, Herring

  • eBook: 2nd edition 2012

The Medical Interview: Mastering Skills for Clinical Practice, Coulehan

  • eBook: 5th edition 2006

Nelson's Essentials of Pediatrics

  • eBook: 7th edition 2015

NMS Medicine, Wolfsthal

  • Print: 7th edition 2012 (on reserve)

Patient-Centered Interviewing: an Evidence Based Method, Smith

Pulmonary Pathphysiology, West

  • eBook: 8th edition 2012

Rapid Interpretation of EKGs, Dubin

  • Print: 6th edition 2000

Textbook of Physical Diagnosis, Swartz

  • eBook: 7th edition 2014

Key Databases

ClinicalKey (previously MD Consult)
Google Scholar

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Medical Genetics

Thompson & Thompson Genetics in Medicine, Nussbaum et al.

  • eBook: 8th edition 2016
  • Print: 8th edition 2016 (on reserve)

Neuroscience and Clinical Neurology

Basic Cinical Neuroscience, Young

  • Print: 2nd edition 2008

High Yield Neuroanatomy, Fix

  • Print: 4th edition 2009 (on reserve)

Neuroanatomy, Gould

  • Print: 5th edition 2014 (on reserve)

Neuroanatomy in Clinical Context: an Atlas of Structures, Sections, and Systems, Haines

  • eBook: 9th edition 2015
  • Print: 7th edition 2008 (on reserve)

Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases, Blumenfeld

  • Print: 2nd edition 2010


Digital Anatomist, Interactive Brain Atlas

Pathologic Basis of Disease

Robbins Basic Pathology, Kumar et al.

  • eBook: 10th edition 2018

Robbins and Cotran Atlas of Pathology, Klatt

  • eBook: 3rd edition 2015

Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease, Kumar

  • eBook: 9th edition 2015
  • Print: 8th edition 2010 (on reserve)

Robbins and Cotran Review of Pathology, Klatt and Kumar


Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, Katzung et al.

  • eBook: 12th edition 2011

Brody's Human Pharmacology: Molecular to Clinical, Wecker et al.

  • eBook: 5th edition 2010

Goodman's and Gilman's Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, Brunton et al.

  • eBook: 12th edition 2011
  • Print: 12th edition 2011

Pharmacology, Brenner

  • eBook: 3rd edition 2013

Pharmacology Examination & Board Review, Katzung and Trevor

  • Print: 10th edition 2013 (on reserve)

Principles of Pharmacology: the Pathophysiologic Basis of Drug Therapy, Golan et al.

  • eBook: 3rd edition 2012

Rapid Review Pharmacology, Pazdernik and Kerecsen

  • eBook: 3rd edition 2010

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