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Learn more about mobile resources for medical education and clinical practice.

Evaluating Mobile Apps

How do you know if a medical education app you come across is reliable and accurate? Here are some pointers:

  1. Read reviews/critiques of mobile apps by medical practitioners and researchers. publishers reviews of new mobile apps and other technologies by medical professionals. Many journals also publish reviews/critiques of mobile apps.
  2. Consult websites or conference proceedings of a recognized professional association or regulating body in your field to determine what mobile apps are being used in or recommended for your field.
  3. Look into who created and helped develop the app. Thinking about bias, it can be helpful to know if any MDs or other health/medical professional were involved in the app's creation, as well as funding sources (organizations, corporate entities, etc).
  4. Are data/citations used referenced? Is the app evidence-based (if applicable)?

Medical App Libraries

Here are some links to libraries for evidence-based and validated medical apps.

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